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People injured due to the negligence, carelessnes, or intentional conduct of another are entitled to bring forth a personal injury lawsuit against the wrongdoer. A personal injury lawsuit can arise from both physical injuries and emotional injuries. The goal of a personal injury lawsuit is to make the responsible party, either directly or through insurance coverage, compensate the injured party for all of the harm, injuries, losses and damages suffered and incurred. If you or a relative are injured by someone else’s negligence, carelesness, or intentional conduct, you may be entitled to recover various types of damages including, but not limited to, the following:


* Pain and Suffering
* Past Medical Expenses
* Future Medical Expenses
* Loss of Earnings
* Loss of Earning Capacity
* Loss of Consortium (Loss of a companion relationship)
* Wrongful Death Damages


At the Meissner Law Firm we know that victims of personal injuries are sometimes overwhelmed with their situation. We are here to ease the vigorous legal process and fight rigorously for your rights. We work on a contingency basis, which means we do not charge anything to the client until we win your case. Once your case has settled or has been resolved by a verdict or award, the attorney fee is based on a percentage of the recovery.


You should have your case handled by an attorney as early on as possible to best protect your rights. If you have a personal injury claim, there is a very strict deadline in which you have to file your case. This deadline is called the Statute of Limitations.  Since the Statute of Limitations in personal injury cases may vary depending on the particular circumstances, you should consult one of our attorneys immediately to discuss the details of your case to ensure that your rights are best protected. Once the Statute of Limitations has passed, you can no longer file your case, no matter how good your case might have been. Your immediate attention to your case is essential. 


If you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, or just have an inquiry about a personal injury matter, call the Meissner Law Firm at (310) 833-2335 for a free consultation.